Interesting blogs and other sites I've stumbled upon. If a link doesn't work or you have an idea of a site I should include to this list (your site, maybe), contact me!

tasselflower crafts

tasselflower crafts on Etsy | Digital design for personal and commercial use
Instacanv.as | Instagram photos as canvases, prints and more
Society6 | Art prints, iPhone cases, canvas totes and more

There's a design in web

A List Apart | "For people who make websites."
Aki Björklund | Web development and stuffs
Blog.SpoonGraphics | A personal design blog
Design Reviver | Web design blog
DesignBeep | Design blog dedicated to bloggers, web-developers and designers
Designm.ag | Web design and development blog
Drupal Museum | Drupal web design gallery
drupal sites network | Gallery of drupal sites
drupal.org | My choice of CMS
1stwebdesigner | Web design blog, tips and inspiration
Made In Helmikuu | Websites, newsletters, social media, marketing and logos with a homespun twist
Minimal Sites | Gallery of minimalistic sites
Mogdesign | Blog of a web developer and a Drupalist
@mollydotcom | Molly's blog
Passi & Ripatti | Service design and more
Pixel Pixel Pixel | Digital design resource "jetpacks"
Saavutettava.fi | About accessibility and web standards, in Finnish
Sipping Designs | Web design, design and tech blog in Finnish
Six Revisions | Info for web designers and developers
Smashing Magazine | Information for web designers and developers
Think Vitamin | A resource for web professionals
We are Colorblind | Dedicated to making the web a better place for the color blind
Web Standards Sherpa | Best web practices

They call it Social Media

Savvy Blogging | Complete resource for (professional) bloggers
Social Report Blog | Social media, business, marketing and statistics
Stylebook.fi | List, search, find and rate Finnish beauty professionals

Geeky means hot

Adorkable Undies | A blog by sexual educator, a playwright, poet and burlesque performer
Biz Stone | The Twitter dude
/dev/nikc/blog | Tech and random craziness
Lindstorm.org | My friend's site, pretty much in Finnish
Nerdy Girl Makeup | Makeup for me and all the other nerdy girls
ReadWriteWeb | Tech blog
Tarkkaamo | A friend's blog about web, in Finnish
The Nerdist | A very nerdy blog
Vesa Vänskä | Tech blog of a friend

It's never just business

ArcticStartup | Technology startups in Northern Europe
bastnut | My Second Life based brand
Blacksburg Belle | Creative business guides and ideas.
Brand New | Gallery of brands and identity
Create as Folk | Career coaching for creatives
Handmadeology | About handmade-based business
Heartmade Blog | Blog about handmade business and creativity
Kickstarter | Funding platform for creative projects
Metaverstas | My friend's Second Life building company
oh my! handmade goodness | Creative business stuffs
Sielukka | Art blog by a Finnish designer
Small Business Gal | Small business strategies
Starting Up | Blog by entrepreneur Brenden Mulligan
The Art of Non-Conformity | A home for unconventional people doing remarkable things

Creative is my middle name

A Beautiful Mess | Crafty tutorials, outfits, decor and more
a creative mint | Design and creativity
Aria Glazki Writes | A blog of a writer
craftgawker | Gallery of handmade arts and crafts
Heart Handmade UK | Craft projects, tutorials and more creativity
How About Orange | Craft project how-tos, printables and more
Meowoodle | Doodles of cats by their owners
monda loves... | Design and creativity blog
* N i c e s t T h i n g s * | Beautiful blog of the nicest things in German
Oh Joy! | Design, food and creativity
OK Great | Design, art and creativity
P.S. - I made this... | Colorful DIY blog
paper, plate, and plane | Design and creativity blog
papernstitch | Handmade design showcase
print & pattern | Pattern design blog
Recyclart | Recycled art and design gallery
Rez Bastet | My Second Life blog
Sparrow + Sea | Jess' space for inspiration, writing, creating, sharing and stuff.
Stuff to Love by JCLN | Creativity and design blog
The Purl Bee | Ideas for knitting, crocheting, sewing, stitching and more
visual meringue | A mouth-watering taste of all things creative

There's a design in the world

à la mode* | Design, food and travelling
AisleOne | Graphic design and typography
AMMIKI | Gallery of arts and design
colour + sound | Small design and art blog
Creature Comforts | Design blog
Cristina Dalla Valentina | A blog of a watercolor painter
decor8 | Design blog
Design Dust | Design blog
Design Milk | Modern design
design work life | Cat­a­log of design inspiration
Design your way | Design, Photoshop tutorials and more
Design*Sponge | Design blog
Discover Paper | Finding and sharing the best the paper world has to offer
Domestic Stories | Interiors and other design inspiration
FPO: For Print Only | Print design collection
Gems | Design and art blog
I Love Typography | Typography blog
Kontor Kontur | A design collaboration
Kootut murut | Blog by a Finnish designer
Lovely Package | Packaging design blog.
Mai Autumn | Design and inspiration
Making it Lovely | A design blog
mint | Design and art blog
pia jane bijkerk | Design and pretty
ShareSomeCandy | Sweet design blog
Spoonful | A design and inspiration magazine and blog
Stylizimo blog | Home decoration blog
susupetal art gallery | A personal art blog, in Finnish
The Jealous Curator | Art blog
TheDieline.com | Package design
UPPERCASE | Design magazine's blog
Vandelay Design Blog | Design inspiration blog

So fashionable

Honestly . . . WTF?! | Fashion and design blog
misshill.com | Fashion and design blog
PARK & CUBE | Fashion and other delicious stuff
Stylebook | Finnish site for finding beauty professionals
"The Hive of A Petite Bee" | A fashion blog of a friend

Being resourceful

Creative Nerds | Design inspiration, freebies and tutorials
cu·te·ta·pe | Japanese masking tape, stamps and more
design seeds | Color palettes
ISharePrintables | Gallery of free printables
Media Militia | Design, tutorials and freebies
Moleskine | Nice notebooks
Obsidian Dawn | All sorts of cool digital design resources
Pattern Head | Design freebies, resources and inspiration
Pattern8 | Free patterns
Premium Pixels | Tutorials and resources for web designers
Psdtuts+ | Adobe photoshop tutorials
SoundBible.com | Free sound clips
Subtle Patterns | Free tileable pattern textures
*The Graphics Fairy LLC* | Free vintage images and more

Pop culture in my mind

American Nights | Movies, games and random by a friend
Atson ajatukset | Movies, tv and a nice guy, in Finnish
Keittopäivä | Movies and other pop-culture, in Finnish
split reel | Awesome movie blog of a friend
toni jauhiainen | Toni's Tumblr of movies, television and more

Photographic memory

{a place for twiggs} | Photos, design and creative business
Candy Chang | Public installation artist, designer and a urban planner
Design Aglow | Online photography magazine
Divas & Dreams | Photographing blog for ladies
Faces in Places | Collection of faces found in everyday places
FFFFOUND! | Image bookmarking
JVLphoto | Photoblog of a friend
Mika Tähtinen | Tumblr blog of a friend
Mustaa ja valkoista | Weekly photography challenge, in Finnish
Passi | Photos by my brother-in-law
Pedro Ghinaglia | Site of a friend
PetaPixel | Photography tech blog
Roll A Week | Photoblog (film and digi) and notes about photographing
snapshots.skrubu.net | Photoblog by a friend
Suvi sur le vif | Home of a Finnish photographer
tokyo camera style | Cameras, cameras, cameras!
Vaskooli | Photoblog
What The Duck | Fun web comic about photographers

Life is life

Almost Practical | Solutions to everyday problems
Dan Harmon Poops | Random rants by a writer
Halo Efekti | A personal blog
Herra Mäykynen | A cat blog, in Finnish
In Over Your Head | Interesting blog about everything
Jay Uhdinger | Happiness, mindfulness, psychology, photos and music
Maunon ja Epun maukuja | Cats in Finnish
Menopaussi | A personal blog, in Finnish
Mielenpidike | A blog in Finnish about world, Finland and life by my sister
pnuk! | Blog of a friend
Skrubu.net | A friend's blog, mostly in Finnish
Stello Blog | Blog of a friend
Sun äitis | A personal blog, in Finnish
t0ny.tk | A friend's blog
TotPlegat | A friend's Tumblr blog
Up Close | Blog of a Finn who lives in Ireland

I could eat a horse sized carrot

delicious:days | Incredibly delicious food blog.
eCurry | A recipe blog with tasty photos
Green Kitchen Stories | Delicious vegetarian recipes
honey & jam | Delicious recipes blog
Jasmine Tea | Recipes and photos
Pure Vegetarian By Lakshmi | Vegetarian recipes with gorgeous photos
The Kitchy Kitchen | Food blog with droolable photos
veggie.num.num | Vegetarian recipes with droolable photos
What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today ? | Breakfast recipes and beautiful photos

Mother Earth

Dearest Nature | Nature inspired lifestyle blog
TreeHugger | Articles for eco people

Hello, my name is Mervi!

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